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Rice snacks

This group once again demonstrates the versatility of rice from real Asian specialties such as Tempura to rice chips which offer a perfect alternative to potato crisps. Tempura is a method of preparation often used in the Japanese cuisine to batter and briefly deep-fry different ingredients. Based on this method, an innovative and scrumptious snack was developed. Sushi show that Western flavours such as cheese and peanut butter can also be combined perfectly with a base of rice. Based on the sushi as we know it from Japan, a snack was developed with a tasty filling covered in rice. With the range of rice crisps, Foodlink offers a perfect alternative to ordinary potato crisps. Rice crisps are baked, which has the advantage that the crisps contain 70% less fat than ordinary potato crisps. Flavours such as Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Pepper, Sea Salt and Tomato & Basil create a perfect taste sensation.