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Specialty snacks
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Our exciting and versatile snacking assortment in bulk packs is suitable for every snacking occasion. Whether it is salty, better-for-you, in-between, sweet indulgence, or any other form of snacking, we will be able to complete your product proposition.

Our snacking products can broadly be divided into two groups: savoury and sweet. The savoury group consists of rice snacks, coated peanuts, snack beans & peas, roasted corn and snack mixes. The sweet group consists of chocolate coated nuts and specialties.

Select the product group you are looking for, or simply start discovering all product groups by scrolling down. Interested in detailed product information? Please contact us directly to learn more.

Rice snacks

Rice crackers, Japanese mixes, rice snacks. Only a few of the many names for an extensive group of delicious Asian snacks. Thanks to the wide variety of sizes, flavours, shapes and colours, these products are perfect if you are looking for something distinctive. Rice snacks are prepared using rice and can be categorised into two main groups: Arare and Senbei.


This is a group of products which is famous for its wide variety of shapes and colours. Arare crackers are made from glutinous rice and because they are dry-roasted they have a low fat percentage. The arare product group consists of single item arare crackers, arare mixes and classic mixes. Arare mixes are pre-mixed in Asia. Classic mixes, on the other hand, are mixed locally by us and contain arare rice snacks and oriental coated peanuts.


The products in this group are made from non-glutinous white rice and are available oven baked or oil fried. Because of the different preparation methods, each provides a complete different taste and texture experience. Senbei crackers are available in a broad range of flavours, from more Western style flavours like barbecue and cheese to more spicy Asian flavours like wasabi and chilli. Due to sustainability reasons, all our senbei crackers are palm oil free.

Supply Chain

All our rice snacks are sourced from our exclusive partner suppliers in Thailand, who are equipped with the latest production technologies and certified to the highest food standards (such as BRC). We take care of the European continent for these suppliers, which requires a special approach in cooperation. We share knowledge, visit each other often, and combine the best from the east with the best from the west. These long standing partnerships allow us to constantly optimise our product quality, availability, costs and efficiency.

Driving innovation

As front runners in the European rice snacks industry we are constantly monitoring product quality developments and driving product innovation. Our product recipes are reviewed regularly and, if necessary, updated to the latest standards. Several elements that have been updated over the years is that we switched our products from palm oil to sunflower oil, we use only natural ingredients and salt levels have been reduced. When it comes to new product introductions we aim to be ahead of the latest market trends so we can be sure that we deliver products that excite and surprise the customer and consumer.

Coated peanuts

Coated peanuts have been a part of our product range since the beginning, especially because the oriental style coated peanuts form an important part of the Asian snacks family. Foodlink has an extensive range of coated peanuts available. Our coated peanuts are made with different varieties of coatings, each characterized by its own size, crispness and shape. In addition, this product group offers an extensive selection of flavours to choose from. We separate the coated peanuts group into two sub groups: oriental style coated peanuts and western style coated peanuts.

Oriental style coated peanuts

This product line is an important part of the Asian snacks group. Items are available in various traditional Asian flavours, such as chilli, soy sauce, wasabi and seaweed. They come in many different shapes, sizes and coating-structures. All our oriental style coated peanuts are palm oil free and no artificial ingredients are used.

Western style coated peanuts

Better known as cocktail nuts, these are the most popular and most frequently used coated peanuts in Europe. Peanuts coated with exciting natural flavours such as red pepper and chilli are delicious on its own, but can also be used as an exciting mix component for snack mixes. All our western style coated peanuts are palm oil free and no artificial ingredients are used.

Supply Chain

We organised our coated peanuts supply chains into two separated supply chains. All our oriental style, and some of our Western style, coated peanuts are sourced at our dedicated partners in China. Whereas the remaining part of our Western style coated peanuts are produced within our group in the Netherlands. As both supply chains are fully integrated we can constantly develop, test, and improve products. Which gives us the ability to guarantee the most crispy and tasteful products with flavours that comply with the latest consumer trends. In both supply chains quality is our number one priority, which is ensured through quality certifications such as BRC.

Great mixing component

Coated peanuts are perfect for food packers who create their own snack mixes. The products can function as a mixing component to provide colour, texture and taste to your snack mix. Since we have extensive experience with the creation of snack mixes, we are happy to provide inspiration or to help you with the selection of the right product for your mix. 

Snack beans & peas

Our extensive range of roasted beans and peas are the latest extension to the Asian snacks family. Beans and peas are a good source of protein and fibre, are tasty, innovative and offer a great amount of application possibilities. They have already been popular as a snack in many Asian countries for a long time, which is exactly the reason why Foodlink decided to bring these crunchy and nutritious products to the European continent. Our beans and peas assortment can be categorised into three groups: roasted beans, roasted peas and fried beans.

Roasted beans

Foodlink’s roasted beans come in many sorts and flavours. Edamame beans, broad beans, soy beans and mixes, all with their own texture, appearance and taste. With flavours ranging from traditional flavours like sea salt, to more exciting flavours like satay and soy sauce.

Roasted peas

The roasted peas assortment consists of green peas and chick peas. What makes our peas different from some other roasted peas in the market is their uniform appearance, their extraordinary tenderness and crunchiness, plus the fact that we only use natural ingredients in our flavourings. Whether you are looking for plain or spicy flavours, our peas range offers something exciting for every occasion. 

Fried beans

We also offer a distinctive range of fried broad beans, sometimes referred to as fava beans. These products offer a different taste experience from their roasted counterparts. We offer these fried broad beans in an extensive selection of savoury flavours. The taste buds will be surprised by every single flavour. 

Supply Chain

All our beans and peas are processed and packed in BRC certified facilities. We source these products from our dedicated partner suppliers with whom we have longstanding relationships. For the beans and peas assortment these suppliers are based in China and Spain. Our team and the supplier’s teams are constantly working closely together to optimize tenderness, crunchiness and flavour. We set the bar high and aim to develop the best possible snack beans and peas together. 

Plant power

Snack beans and peas offer great potential for those parties who want to tap into the snacking category’s plant based protein section. The products are a source of protein and are also rich in fibres. Making them interesting for better-for-you, or other responsible snacking concepts. Besides that, they simply taste great and no palm oil or artificial ingredients are used to prepare them. 

Roasted corn

Roasted corn has gained increasing popularity as a plant based snack in recent years. Corn is very suitable for roasting and tastes great in combination with lots of flavours. Foodlink has lined up a complete portfolio of these delicious and crunchy snacks, in regular and giant format. Thanks to our partner’s experience and exclusive production process, our products have a uniform colour and appearance, a unique taste, and are extraordinarily tender.


You can find many forms of crunchiness in the world of roasted corn. The bite and tenderness of roasted corn can range from very hard to very soft. Within this spectrum Foodlink offers two levels of crunchiness: soft corn and supreme corn. Supreme corn is the more tender and crunchy version. Our soft corn product, on the other hand, would be more suitable for those who are looking for a more firm bite in their corn snack. 

Supply Chain

The partnership with our Spanish supplier for roasted corn is based on trust and transparency. In cooperation with their R&D department we are constantly following the latest trends to develop new products and flavours. Together we are fully committed to adhere to the latest food quality and safety requirements. Our partner’s processing facility is certified to internationally recognized standards, such as BRC and IFS. The combination of the latest production technology and exclusive production processes guarantee consistent and best of class product quality.

Corn on the rise

Roasted corn is suitable for a broad range of applications. Traditionally corn is used as a crunchy component in snack mixes, although it is used in single item product concepts as well. Nowadays we are increasingly working on projects where our roasted corn is used as an ingredient in confectionary, bakery and cereal product development projects. The outstanding colour, texture and taste makes roasted corn a truly multifunctional product.

Snack mixes

Due to the vast amount of snacks in our assortment we can also offer a wide variety of pre-mixed snack mixes. As we mix these products in our own production facilities in the Netherlands it is possible to pick from our own selection of best-sellers, but we can also partner up with you to create tailor made snack mixes together.

Endless possibilities

Snack mixes are exciting combinations of savoury, and sometimes even sweet, snacking components. They provide a crunchy, tasty and colourful surprise to your snacking assortment. Mix components may include peanuts, nuts, rice snacks, beans & peas, corn and fragrant herb & spice mixtures. We can also add chocolate coated components, from our own chocolate coating factory, to the mix. So whether you are looking for popular flavours or extra spicy mixes, we are happy to mix it for you!

Supply chain

All the components used in our snack mixes are directly sourced from all over the world. Components are then mixed and packed in our own state of the art processing facilities in the Netherlands. These facilities are BRC and IFS certified and comply to all the latest food quality standards. The high tech packing equipment guarantees longer shelf life due to gas flushing and multiple sealing features. Thanks to its flexibility in packaging format setup it is possible to produce the snack mixes in bulk cartons, sealed buckets and big bags.

Spice up your trade

Whether they are to be used in bars, restaurants, hotels, or other out-of-home locations, our snack mixes will spice up your trade. The nice thing about our snack mixes is that you can be creative with them. The mixes can be adapted to your own theme, cuisine or moment. Our own range of mixes is constantly updated by our in house development team who is always monitoring the latest consumer and flavour trends. Create special experiences for your customers and start working with snack mixes. 

Chocolate coated products

Due to the fact that we have our own chocolate coating factory in the Netherlands we can supply a wide variety of chocolate coated products. Our chocolate is of excellent Belgian quality and consists of various types of chocolate such as dark, milk, white, caramel and yogurt. If needed, all these chocolate types can be offered under the following certification systems: Rainforest Alliance certified, Fairtrade and organic. Within the range of products that we are coating we offer an extensive selection of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and other related ingredients. 

Coated Nuts & Specialties

Our coated nuts & specialties are products that we are coating in a rich layer of Belgian chocolate. Thanks to the access we have to suppliers of ingredients from all over the world, we can offer a wide variety of exciting products within this group. From traditional nuts and dried fruits, to more surprising products such as roasted corn, edamame beans or coffee beans. The coatings can be boosted with additional natural flavours, ranging from fruity flavours such as raspberry to exotic flavours such as coconut. 

Mix components

Our chocolate coated product range also consists of an assortment of small chocolate coated products that can function as mix components. These interesting products bring crispiness and surprising taste elements to your product mix. Whether it is for the production of sweet and savoury snack mixes or sweet components in breakfast cereals, we are happy to cooperate with you on any (new) product development project. 

Supply chain

Through dedicated partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, we source the ingredients for our chocolate coating operation directly at the source. This gives us the ability to maintain control over the quality of our ingredients. The chocolate we use is all first class Belgian chocolate of the finest quality. The team of experts working in our own, IFS and BRC certified, chocolate coating factory in the Netherlands uses these premium ingredients to create delicious products. With their extensive experience and creativity they are constantly updating and improving products, processes and production technology. All with the aim to supply excellent and best-of-class chocolate products.

Creative innovations

With 30+ different products and 5 types of chocolate, we are creating a lot of delicious chocolate coated products. Our dedicated chocolate team is on top of the latest developments and constantly testing new product and flavour combinations. Even though the traditional chocolate coated product range forms the backbone of this product group, we are challenging the market with the introduction of creative innovations regularly. Get in touch to learn about the latest chocolate innovations.