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Foodlink develops and supplies a wide range of plant based ingredients for the European food industry. The ingredients range consists of cashew nut pieces, roasted beans and peas, organic peanuts, pine nuts and chocolate coated products. All products are securely packed in high quality bulk cartons or bags.

We are supplying natural ingredients, but the products and applications in which these ingredients are used define the product’s form and shape. It can be whole, broken, grinded, roasted, unroasted, etc. We understand that every production process has specific ingredient requirements, which is exactly why we prefer a personal approach when it comes to cooperation. In this way we can define the most suitable ingredient for your product and/or production process.

To get a better understanding about our ingredients range select the product group you are looking for, or simply start discovering all product groups by scrolling down. Interested in detailed product information? Please contact us directly to learn more.

Cashew nut pieces

In collaboration with the Intersnack Cashew Company we offer a full range of cashew pieces for the food industry. Cashew pieces are used as an ingredient in a wide variety of industries, from bakery to dairy and from confectionary to ice cream. Every application has its own product and specification requirements. Since we control the entire process of sourcing and processing, we have the ability to work out custom fit solutions in cooperation with our customers.


Our standard product range consists of baby bits (BB), small pieces (SP) and large pieces (LP). These products can be delivered in AFI industry standard or under a tailor made specification. If a custom fit grade size is needed for your application, we have the capacity and technology in place to prepare a special cashew grade for you. Upon demand we can also perform extra cleaning services in origin with the latest high-tech cleaning equipment.

Supply chain

Foodlink and the Intersnack Cashew Company are committed to accelerate the transformation of the cashew industry towards a more sustainable and transparent cashew supply chain. We therefore decided to organize the supply chain differently. Through direct sourcing and 100% own factories in Vietnam and India, we produce everything under a single roof and manage every step, from raw to final product, by ourselves. In this way we can guarantee a secure, honest and transparent supply chain. Delivering products that meet the quality management systems and ethical standard requirements of our customers.

Cashews as an ingredient

The addition of cashew nuts to your product mix can be very attractive. Cashews have a characteristic nutty flavour and good functional properties. As a relatively colour neutral ingredient cashews can be used as a base or starting material for many products. If the product is grinded to flour it makes a good thickener or binder. Besides these functional properties, cashews have a very interesting nutritional profile as well. They are an excellent source of plant-based proteins, fibre, unsaturated fats and many minerals.

Roasted beans & peas

This product group is especially interesting for food producers who are looking for ingredients that boost their products with healthy plant based nutrients. Beans and peas are a natural source of protein and fibre, are tasty, innovative and offer a great amount of application possibilities. Since the products are already roasted by us, no extra processing steps are required in your production process and extreme crunchiness is guaranteed.

Endless possibilities

Foodlink’s roasted beans and peas come in many sorts and forms. Edamame soy beans, white soy beans, black soy beans, green peas and chick peas, all with their own texture, appearance and taste. Depending on the application, each product offers its own benefits. Besides the whole roasted beans and peas we can also chop the products into smaller pieces if your process requires so.

Supply Chain

All our beans and peas are roasted and packed in BRC certified facilities. We source these products from our dedicated partner supplier with whom we have a longstanding relationship. Our supplier for the beans and peas assortment is based in China. Our team and the supplier’s team are constantly working closely together to optimize tenderness, crunchiness and flavour. We set the bar high and aim to develop the best possible roasted beans and peas together.

Roasted beans and peas as an ingredient

Roasted beans and peas are popular ingredients for plant based, vegetarian and vegan concepts. The products add crunch and pack your product mix with healthy nutrients. The savoury flavour notes of the natural roasted beans and peas work great in combination with both sweet and savoury products. The unique product characteristics of our flavoured beans and peas help give a distinctive touch to your product. Think about adding wasabi or sweet chilli flavoured beans and peas as an ingredient, to surprise the consumers of your products with an unexpected flavour explosion.

Organic peanuts

The peanut is a popular ingredient for many food processors in Europe. Foodlink offers a certified and SGS monitored portfolio of organic peanuts in various counts. Depending on the application, the products can be delivered raw (in skin), blanched or chopped (in multiple formats). Our supplier and us have been working with this product range for many years and we are happy to share our product expertise with you in new product development projects.

Reliable organic peanuts

Our organic peanuts are supplied by a certified organic supplier. Foodlink is certified organic by SKAL. SKAL is a Dutch certification body and control authority that inspects and awards organic certification to farms and businesses that meet the organic standards. The objective of SKAL is to offer consumers certainty that a product with an organic label really was produced organically. For more information about SKAL, go to

Supply Chain

Thanks to our special partnership with one of the most professional processors in China we can supply our customers with high quality products delivered directly from the source. The entire supply chain is organised open and transparently. The facilities of our supplier are certified BRC and organic and are equipped with state of the art technology. We are monitoring every batch on product quality, characteristics and regulation requirements in certified laboratories. All with the purpose to be able to deliver organic peanuts of consistent and reliable quality to our customers.

Peanuts as an ingredient

The peanut is a versatile product which is used as an ingredient in many applications. The aromatic, nutty peanut flavour enhances the taste of your product mix. Peanut flavour can be intensified and/or adjusted by roasting the peanuts before adding them to your production process. There are different levels of roasting, from lightly roasted to dark brown roasted. The flavour intensity will change according to the roasting level. In addition to their flavour characteristics, peanuts are an excellent natural source of plant-based protein, unsaturated fats, fibre, and many key vitamins and minerals. Using our organic peanuts as an ingredient is therefore a great opportunity to guarantee your customers a good-tasting, nutritious and sustainable product.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are widely recognised as an ingredient by consumers and food producers across the world. Whether its roasted on top of a salad or in pesto sauce, everybody has probably experienced the flavoursome taste of pine nuts one way or the other. Foodlink offers a full range of pine nuts for food packers and food producers in Europe. Our pine nuts are known to be among the most homogenous in Europe thanks to the unique sorting criteria we have developed together with our suppliers.


As a full service pine nut specialist we can supply different pine nut varieties and counts. The pine nut varieties that we offer are: Red Pine (Pinus Koraiensis) and Cedar (Pinus Sibirica). Each variety has its own appearance, colour, texture and taste. Particle size is determined by the pine nut count, we can advise you which count suits your needs best. We offer both conventional and organic pine nuts, and if necessary we can also organise roasting for you.

Supply Chain

Our pine nuts are processed by BRC certified partner suppliers in China, with whom we have built up strong relationships. By visiting each other regularly we help each other improve and develop the business further. Our partners have implemented extra strict sorting criteria for all our products in order to ensure that the pine nuts are best quality and comply to all EU regulations and customer requirements. For quality monitoring purposes we have set up an additional double laboratory testing procedure for every batch on DNA and free fatty acids. These are covered by an SGS monitoring system in China and third party laboratories in Europe.

Pine nuts as an ingredient

Our pine nuts are bought by both food packers and food producers. The packers repack them in retail packaging for supermarkets, while food producers are utilizing the pine nuts’ interesting product characteristics to enrich their products. Pine nuts have a soft crunchy texture and delicate buttery flavour. Roasting pine nuts brings out a nutty sweetness which can be very useful to improve the overall flavour profile of a product. On top of these favourable characteristics, pine nuts are also interesting if you are looking for plant based protein and unsaturated fat.

Chocolate coated ingredients

Due to the fact that we have our own chocolate coating factory in the Netherlands we can supply a wide variety of chocolate coated products. Our chocolate is of excellent Belgian quality and consists of various types of chocolate such as dark, milk, white, caramel and yogurt. If needed, all these chocolate types can be offered under the following certification systems: Rainforest Alliance certified, Fairtrade and organic. Within the range of products that we are coating we offer an extensive selection of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and other related ingredients.

Ingredient solutions for the food industry

We provide an assortment of small chocolate coated ingredients for the food industry. These interesting products bring crispiness and surprising taste elements to your product mix. Whether it is for the production of (premium) chocolate bars, ice cream, or any other product, we are happy to cooperate with you on any (new) product development project.

Supply chain

Through dedicated partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, we source the ingredients for our chocolate coating operation directly at the source. This gives us the ability to maintain control over the quality of our ingredients. The chocolate we use is all first class Belgian chocolate of the finest quality. The team of experts working in our own, IFS and BRC certified, chocolate coating factory in the Netherlands uses these premium ingredients to create delicious products. With their extensive experience and creativity they are constantly updating and improving products, processes and production technology. All with the aim to supply excellent and best-of-class chocolate products.

Creative innovations

With 30+ different products and 5 types of chocolate, we are creating a lot of delicious chocolate coated products. Our dedicated chocolate team is on top of the latest developments and constantly testing new product and flavour combinations. Even though the traditional chocolate coated product range forms the backbone of this product group, we are challenging the market with the introduction of creative innovations regularly. Get in touch to learn about the latest chocolate innovations.